Artist Profile: Ema Tavola (Prod. No Six), Taste of Pasifika Festival, June 2022

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Vunilagi Vou and Moana Fresh on their approaches to showcasing Pacific art
Metro Magazine, 25 February 2021

Photography by Edith Amituana’i

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Vunilagi Vou re-opening in new premises
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Fat activism in Aotearoa is having a moment
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How to stop being afraid of the word ‘fat’
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Thick As: A Glowing Response to FAT
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Lissy Cole and Sweet Jungle of Mine
Tonight, TVOne (TVNZ), 15 November 2019

Drawing lines between us all: Julia Mage’au Gray’s Melanesian mark-making
The SpinOff, 12 September 2019

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TP+ South Auckland art gallery, Vunilagi Vou
Tagata Pasifika (TP+), 23 July 2019

‘Art belongs to us’: Behind the scenes at Ōtāhuhu’s first-ever art gallery
The SpinOff, 23 June 2019

Earlier this month Vunilagi Vou opened in Ōtāhuhu, the first art gallery the south Auckland suburb has ever had. Its director, curator Ema Tavola, is passionate about centring South Auckland communities and art makers in conversations around contemporary New Zealand art. Read more

The Unmissables: Three Exhibitions to See in June 
The Pantograph Punch, 22 June 2019

Ema Tavola (Aotearoa, Fiji) has been a champion of Pacific art in Tāmaki Makaurau for around 15 years. She was instrumental in the founding of Fresh Gallery Ōtara in 2006 and was curator there till 2012. Since at least 2013, she has wanted to start a gallery of her own in Ōtāhuhu. This month saw that dream come to fruition with launch of Vunilagi Vou (the name has various significances, but ‘new horizon’ is not a bad summary). The inaugural show, WWJD:2 (What Would Jim Do?: 2), follows Tavola’s final show at Fresh in paying homage to her mentor, the late Jim Vivieaere (Aotearoa, Kūki ʻĀirani). It includes work by thirteen artists of Moana heritage. Read more

Our People, Our Stories
PMN 531, 18 June 2019

A new art gallery, community and consultancy space has opened in South Auckland’s Otahuhu. Vunilagi Vou is a Pacific space for Pacific art and conversations. Director and curator Ema Tavola joins us in studio #OurPeopleOurStories

Ema Tavola opens a long-needed space for Pacific art
Radio New Zealand, 16 June 2019

A new art gallery in South Auckland is promising to promote contemporary Pacific art, to work closely with its community and to encourage collectors by offering art at affordable prices. Read more

Vunilagi Vou opens in Ōtāhuhu 
The Coconet, 11 June 2019

South Auckland’s newest art gallery, community & consultancy space Vunilagi Vouopened in Otahuhu a week and a half ago with a large group exhibition WWJD:2 featuring predominantly local, South Auckland based artists.  We talked to Director & Artist-Curator Ema Tavola about the exhibition as well as her hopes & dreams for the gallery. Read more